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Many people are working from home now. Loft conversions for office space is getting very popular. Especially if the loft conversion can add significant value to your property.

Now, when the new regulations come into force, most people can do a loft conversion without having to obtain a permission licence from council. These new regulations remove need for a lot of homeowner to obtain permissions, saving each of them around thousand pounds. This will help owners to add an extra space and value to their property rather than move.

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10th June, 2019 I Posted by ASE Design and Build Ltd.

Most loft conversions don’t need planning permission, but if you need to install a dormer, you will need one. Also please take into account Party wall act and building regulations. That’s where most people stuck when they try to do loft conversions themselves without taking an appropriate advice.

When homeowners do loft conversions by themselves without making the necessary checks, they end up  with just an expensive storage space rather than an extra bedroom or office space. When your loft don’t meet building regulations, you cannot market your loft space as an extra bedroom or office space. That means you will not get expected price for your property.

There are few important points that you need to be aware of, before doing loft conversion.


A very important point is structural stability. Foundations, load bearing walls, ceiling joists are they stable, are they up to the job?

Second very important point is fire resistance. Stairs need end with fire resistant doors. There must place for safety escape, via stairs or velux windows.

Weather resistance is very important point. Converted loft roof and walls must be water resistant, keep of the elements and retain heat. Insulation does the job and conserves an energy.

As loft must be insulated, there must be ventilation system. It must provide clean air to the living space and ventilate. Stale air can cause condensation and can lead to big problems over time.


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