Transform your home with an Ase Construction loft conversion. We design, manage and build loft conversions that create beautiful spaces for homeowners in Fulham and the London area. Our project managers are all qualified structural engineers, with significant experience working in the UK building industry. Our work is quality assured and elegant, and delivers the look you want at an excellent price. So what’s it to be? An extra bedroom, on office space, a gym? The possibilities for your home are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can build it!


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Quality loft conversions by trusted local builders.

We use only high quality tradespeople, local to the Fulham area, to build your loft conversion. Every carpenter, every stonemason, every electrician and plumber is personally employed by Ase Construction, and has a proven track record of the highest quality work. We also employ local designers, painters and decorators and carpet fitters to finish the job to the same perfect standards.

Loft conversion in fulham

Outstanding loft conversions designed for your life.

Your property has the potential for perfection. With more space at your disposal, you can use every part of the home to its best advantage. Move the master bedroom upstairs for a bespoke living area that gives you everything you ever wanted from your private space. Create a studio with generous roof lights, perfect for art and creation. Design a home gym with a built-in shower room, a music room or a library. Let what you do define what your home becomes.


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Permitted Development loft conversions for easy improvement.

Our planning mangers will advise you on the planning requirements for your loft conversion. In many cases, loft conversions are covered by Permitted Development (the government initiative allowing certain home improvements to be made without a planning application process). If you wish to make a conversion under Permitted Development, it’s important you stay within regulations. Our project managers will help you to design a space that makes perfect use of your roof area without straying outside guidelines.


We take care of planning permission and submit all necessary documents to building control

Our connections make planning required loft conversions easy.

If your loft conversion needs permission, our planning team will sort out all the red tape for you – from designing your conversion to fulfil building regulations and planning requirements, to getting the necessary permissions and keeping the council informed of progress. Take the headache out of your loft conversion, and make sure you get the extra living space you want, from bedroom to workspace.
Loft apartment conversions.

Our loft apartment conversions can change your roof space into a separate flat for rental or personal use. We can build to your designs, or use our own design team to help you make the best use of your available space. Talk to us about fitting dormer windows, creating a verandah or balcony, and modifying the interior and exterior of your home to add a second entrance for your new flat. We’ve created luxury loft apartments in some of Fulham’s most recognisable properties, and have extensive experience designing loft apartment conversions for domestic and commercial letting purposes.

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The experts you need, when you need them.

Our experienced project managers are here to ensure that your loft conversion flows smoothly, from start to finish. We arrange everything to a timetable that’s been agreed by you in advance, from delivery of materials, to booking the expert tradespeople you need for each stage of the project.
We work when you want us to.

Our tradespeople normally work during traditional working hours, to minimise disruption to your home. However, if you would like us to work in the evenings and on weekends we’re happy to arrange a timetable with you.

Whenever we work, at the end of every working day we will make sure your premises is left clean, tidy and safe. Any work that requires us to cut off your electricity or water supply while we fit electrical or plumbing hardware will always be done at a time convenient to you.
House extensions that make your home better.

Ase Construction designs and builds house extensions of all types and sizes, from conservatories and single-storey add-ons to multi-floor additions. We take care of everything, from the planning stages to the turnkey moment. Using our own builders, plumbers, electricians, planning experts and architects, we’ll deliver a houseextension that transforms your property into your dream home. Increase the footprint of your building, take up the slack created by unusually-shaped or unnecessary outside spaces, or raise the profile of your house to get optimum space use from the roof area. With our planning team working on your project from the start, we’ll be sure to deliver an extension that dramatically improves the use and appearance of your home, within national and local guidelines.

Improve your home with loft conversion Fulham
Breathtaking house refurbishments.

Significantly increase the value of an older property with a stunning house refurbishment. We’ve renovated and restored properties of all sizes in the Fulham area, from multi-storey townhouses to terraced and semi-detached properties and period cottages by the river. Our house refurbishments are sensitive and elegant, and range from total internal and external modernisation to refurbishments that meet all Grade I and Grade II Listed requirements.
Refurbish your house for sale or let.

Refurbishing a period property can be the key to a successful sale, or to making the right profit from lettings. Our design team can help you split an existing house into flats for residential lets, retaining period features and maintaining the original character of the building. With every refurbishmentproject, we also manage the planning applications and progress reports to ensure your finished house or flat is approved by the local council.


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Your project managed from idea to installation.

Ase Construction manages every aspect of your building project, from initial ideas to the final coat of paint. Our project managers are qualified civil and structural engineers with years of experience managing domestic conversion, extension and refurbishment projects. For local building work you can trust, you won’t find a better project partner.


– Maximising your space – making the loft space work as a living space with the right amount of headroom and storage.
– Light and air – the use of roof lights or windows can make your loft room the most light and airy room in the house.
– Access – re-configuring your upper floor to add stairs to the new loft room.– Boiler and plumbing – if you have a water tank in your loft you may need to modify your system.

Types of loft conversion

Dormer loft conversion

A dormer is a extension of the roof featured by windows, usually installed to provide more space and headroom within the loft, in addition to improved staircase access. Dormers are also popular due to the aesthetic enhancement to a property that they provide. Installation of a dormer is subject to planning permission requirements from the local authorities. It means that in some cases you don’t need to apply for planning application, only structural calculations needs to be submitted to building control.

Hip to gable conversion

In addition to roof window and dormer conversions, there are less common ‘hip to gable’ conversions, which can be installed when certain circumstances require their features.This type of loft conversion is very good option to increase useful area and volume of loft. Almost in all cases these conversions are subject to a planning permission.

Velux or roof window conversion

Roof window conversions are often an attractive option for homeowners due to their ability to fit into the line of the roof; thus not necessitating any restructuring of the roof itself. The installation of such windows will provide the loft space with substantial light. A roof window conversion in a lot of cases can be completed under permitted development rights and will not require planning permission, although they will always require building regulation approval – submission of structural calculations.

We are well established in an industry based largely on reputation, and as such make a point of employing fully vetted and highly skilled tradesmen.

We understand that having workmen in your home can be disruptive, so we aim to keep disruption to an absolute minimum and be completed to a strict timetable.

Contact us today to discuss your project – we’d be delighted to give you a quote with no obligation.